Van Gogh’s Birthday Cake

Months have passed but I’m still high on this cake we made on my daughter’s birthday. We came up with this idea as my daughter loves Art and she wanted to have a Van Gogh’s birthday cake this year. So basically, she did the whole thing and we’re so amazed. I remembered telling her to just follow the instructions on my Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe and she’ll be fine.

After making the cakes and cooling them off, we rolled out a white fondant to cover an 8 inch round, 4 inch high cake. We prepared the edible food coloring that we need for the Art which is basically just black, blue and a bit of yellow. My daughter painted the cake on her own and turned out beautiful. We’re so proud of her on this one!!!

We didn’t eat the cake on her special day at home as she’d love to bring it and share it to her choir friends. We just sang “Happy Birthday” song to her and she blew her candle on her birthday night. It was all good. The feedback we got from her friends saying that it’s the most moist and yummy chocolate cake they had was just satisfying. They were so surprised to learn that my daughter personally baked and painted her own cake. Well done!!!

If you’d like to try our Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe just click the link down below:


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