Dancing Chicken

This dancing chicken photo has been sitting in my photo album forever. I thought I have blogged about this but when I checked my posts, it wasn’t there.

Anyway, this dancing chicken recipe was perfected by my hubby and he just loved doing it. He’s very keen to do this with all his might hahaha! He even dance the chicken dance while waiting for the chicken to get cooked. He’s such a Silly Billy!

This beer can chicken barbeque recipe is originally from the BBQ Pit Boys! They’re great in barbeque and grilling, one of our favorite. Please check out their blog and video.

Here’s the recipe for beer can chicken barbeque or the dancing chicken:


2 (3-4lbs each) Roasting Chickens
One large sliced Sweet Onion
Your favorite salad oil
Olive oil and Soy Sauce
2 12oz. cans of beer
Salt and Pepper


1. Fire up your charcoal or gas grill to 325-350f. Clean and pat dry two fresh roasting chickens.
2. Thoroughly rub the salad oil all over the chickens. Salt and pepper.
3. Insert 1/2 to 3/4 full can of beer in each cavity as shown in the video. Place the chickens upright, opposite the hot coals and then cover your grill.
4. Mop the chickens every 20-30 minutes or so with a basting liquid like the Oil and Soy sauce we use, or better yet, choose your own.
5. Remove from the BBQ grill when the temperature of the chickens reach 185f. internal. Let rest for 15 minutes, slice up and enjoy!
6. Share and enjoy with family and friends!

Source: BBQ Pit Boys

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