Gengy’s Mongolian Buffet

We keep on coming back to Gengy’s Mongolian Buffet located in 12 Lakewood Crt. Manukau Auckland. They also have branches in Henderson, Hamilton, Northcote, Rotorua, and Whangarei.

Creating your own meal is fun in Gengy’s. You can choose from wide selection of meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and bacon, and marinated ones), seafood (shrimp, baby octopus, squid rings, crab meat, and more), vegetable (broccoli, corn, capsicum, courgettes, onions, mung sprouts, and many more), oil (garlic, chili, sesame, olive, lemon, and peanut), sauces (sweet and sour, black bean, teriyaki, soy sauce, oyster, chili sauce, and many more) and spices. They also have tasters such as the soup of the day, fresh salad, and bread rolls with butter. For the desserts, you can get as many scoops of ice cream as you want or you can make pancake ala mode. They have the yummiest pancake I have ever tasted so far. There are heaps of ice cream sauces too. My kids enjoyed going to the dessert section.

These are some of the pictures of the food we ate:
Nachos with Salsa
Noodles with lots of meat and vegetables


A Meaty and Seafood Choice


Chocolate Ice Cream on Pancake
They are open on Monday – Thursday, Sunday from 5:30 till late
Friday and Saturday from 5pm till late
Dinner is $28.95 per adult
Children is $3. base + $1. per year


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