Filipino Egg Omelette

Filipino Egg Omelette is actually a sauteed of almost anything that you like with a scrambled egg. You can eat this omelette for  breakfast or serves as an “ulam” during lunch. It is an easy dish to cook and ready to eat in just a few minutes. This dish is best for a very hungry people who can not wait any longer lol. In this recipe, I used mushrooms, capsicums and tomatoes with garlic and onions. I apologize for a not so-beaten egg there… as you can see, there’s still egg whites on some part lol. Originally, I was supposed to separate egg whites and the egg yolks because I want to take away the calories but obviously I changed  my mind lol. It doesn’t matter anyway, It tasted so good. Good Morning Everyone!

2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 medium onion. minced
1 small red capsicum, diced
1 small green capsicum, diced
6 pieces small or medium mushrooms, sliced
2 big tomatoes, sliced
3-4 eggs, beaten
grated cheese
oil for frying
salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat the frying pan over a medium heat.
2. Saute onion and garlic.
3. Add in the tomatoes and saute until it becomes a bit soggy.
4. Put in the red and green capsicum then set aside.
5. Fry the scrambled egg until cooked.
6. Put the vegetables on top of scrambled egg then add the cheese.
7. Bake for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese is melted.
8. You can serve it that way or you can fold the egg into half like the ones in the picture.

Share it with family and friends!!!

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