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Where to Buy Puto Molds?

I always make puto at home, especially when my daughter craves for it. Puto is a Filipino Rice Cake that is even more delicious with your favorite toppings like cheese, salted eggs, or butter.

I am making them using jelly cups, muffin trays, and round pans. But it doesn’t look the same as the traditional puto in the Philippines. I want  it just the right size and shape, and this puto molds would do the job perfectly, just the way I like it.

I want to have this puto molds. They’re really cute and colorful (the color doesn’t matter though but it’s really attractive isn’t it?)

I want to buy these puto molds. I hope I could have it before May comes in. My friend is going to have a baby shower very soon, and I am thinking to make puto or puto pao to bring on the said occasion. Can someone please tell me where to buy these colorful puto molds? I couldn’t find like this here in New Zealand but there’s one on Amazon. It’s not colorful but I guess it doesn’t matter…

This is how it looks like

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