Ube Crinkles

Ube Crinkles or Purple Yam Crinkles has been popularized in the Philippines. It is a soft, chewy cookie in the inside and crunchy in the outside. These are Filipino cookies made with purple yam (ube) and rolled in icing sugar. Chocolate Crinkles are its origin, and since Filipinos love ube, they gave this recipe a… Continue reading Ube Crinkles


Maja Mais (Coconut Pudding with Corn)

Maja Mais (Coconut Pudding with Corn) is a Filipino dessert that is a mix of coconut milk, sugar and cornstarch with cream style corn. It is an easy recipe with very common ingredients and served mostly during Christmas. Originally, it is made without the corn and it is called Maja Blanca. Maja Mais is a… Continue reading Maja Mais (Coconut Pudding with Corn)


Bibingka Malagkit (Rice Cake with Coconut Caramel Top)

Bibingka Malagkit (Rice Cake with Coconut Caramel Top) is a traditional Filipino dessert made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and brown sugar. You can always make Bibingka Malagkit the traditional way, but I find this recipe quick and easy with the same result as the traditional. Cooking the glutinous rice in rice cooker makes it… Continue reading Bibingka Malagkit (Rice Cake with Coconut Caramel Top)


Chicken Mami (Filipino Chicken Noodle Soup)

This is what we called Chicken Mami, a popular Filipino noodle dish made from fresh egg noodles and homemade chicken broth, topped with napa cabbage, carrots, fried garlic, hard boiled eggs and chopped spring onions. Chili is optional.INGREDIENTS:1 kg chicken breasts, boneless1 pack 8 oz thin egg noodles, cooked according to package instructions6 to 8… Continue reading Chicken Mami (Filipino Chicken Noodle Soup)