About Kate

My Baking Story…

Hi all… Welcome to my kitchen.

I’m Kate, a content creator, social media manager, and blogger of A Slice of Kate. Aspiring to be a cookbook author with God’s grace and in His perfect time.

It all started when I migrated to New Zealand in 2007 with my husband and eldest daughter. I felt so homesick and I was losing my mind. There is definitely something wrong with me, and I know it is not good. Depression hit me really hard. Everything was so dark. I was so hopeless at that time. I have been crying a lot. I was so sad and mad at the same time. It affected my daily life.

Then I started baking. That is when I felt happy, accomplished and proud. I taught myself how to bake since then, I have watched millions of baking videos on YouTube, and I practiced as much as I can. I absolutely love it. Baking became a therapy for me.

I have made customized cakes in the past and it gave me a sense of purpose. The smiles in my client’s faces and their encouraging comments made me believe in my capabilities as a home baker.

Now, my goal is to give you fool-proof and easy to follow recipes and plenty of pictures that will give you confidence and knowledge in cooking and baking! Continue to pursue your passion and be happy!

This was me in 2010.