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Weight Loss Journey

Anxiety and Depression

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My Baking Story…

It all started when I migrated to New Zealand in 2007 with my husband and daughter. I felt so homesick and I was losing my mind. There is definitely something wrong with me, and I know it is not good. Depression hit me really hard. Everything was so dark, I was so hopeless, I have been crying a lot, I was so sad and mad, and it affects my daily life.

Then I started baking. That is when I feel happy, accomplished and proud. I taught myself how to bake since then, I have watched millions of baking videos on YouTube, and I practised as much as I can. I absolutely love it. Baking is a therapy for me.

So if you see me baking, I am probably in my best mood – euphoric stage. Happy Baking!

This was me in 2010.