How are you Celebrating Easter in Lockdown?

How are you Celebrating Easter in Lockdown? I know Easter this year will be unusual. Church gatherings are prohibited, no Easter egg hunts in the neighbourhood, and definitely no Easter meals with family and friends.

To be honest, I’m not that kind of Mum who spends hundreds of dollars for Easter treats! A $20 Easter chocolate egg is really expensive for me. I’d be okay with $5 Chocolate mini eggs for my three children. Never have I spent a lot in Easter! I’m not an Easter Grinch, I’m just being practical. Also, Easter is supposed to be about Jesus and not about the Easter Bunny.

Apologetically, I really don’t have anything planned for Easter Sunday. My daughter (K2) is so keen to do Easter Egg Hunt, but I’m not really excited about it. This morning, a “Happy Easter” greeting is good enough! Then suddenly, it occurred to me that we have plastic eggs that we have accumulated over the years (the time when surprise eggs were so popular), and I also have chocolate coins from last year.

I started hiding the Easter eggs around our house. My younger kids were so thrilled, especially my youngest (5). The egg hunt began, and they found all the eggs I’ve hidden, with hints given to the youngest son.  As simple as that, they are happy! The little one said, “Mum, I love Easter Egg Hunt! This is the Best!” It doesn’t have to be grand! We don’t need fancy and expensive treats! That game alone of searching for eggs with chocolates inside is fun enough for the kids to do! No-fuss!

Some other Easter activities we did during lockdown are:  

  • Colouring Easter Egg and Banner
  • Making Building 3D Egg with LEGO
  • Baking Hot Cross Buns
  • Watching The Story of Easter – The Beginners Bible
  • Enjoying Movie Night – Hop









We should be reminded that Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. Pray and be thankful that we are saved! Hallelujah!!! Jesus has risen!


How are you celebrating Easter in lockdown?




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