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Generosity Coffee

Calling all coffee enthusiast! I’m thrilled to do this review for a top-notch cafe situated across Birkenhead Library – Generosity Coffee!

UPDATE: Good news!!! Generosity Coffee online shop is open during the lockdown. They can deliver your great tasting coffee, right outside your door. Order now!!!

Upon entering this gorgeous cafe, I can’t help myself but took photos of the place before actually ordering. My bad! stick out tongue emoji, The interior is so aesthetic, simply white and instagrammable, which I super like. Did I mention their cafe is immaculate? Not a speck of dust!

I ordered large Mochaccino and my daughter tried their Best Scones Ever, Really (Nana approved). As soon as my lips touched the foam and had my first sip, all I said was “Sarap!” (“Sarap” is a Filipino word meaning delicious or yummy). Seriously, you have to try Generosity’s coffee! One of the bests!!! Also, believe them when they said, “It’s the Best Scones Ever” because it truly is. My daughter enjoyed it, especially with butter. Great coffee and baked goodies – that’s heaven right?

Aside from serving great coffee, do you know they roast coffee beans, grind and brew them on site? I was dumbfounded when I saw their eye-catching huge rose gold roasting machine. I thought it was only for display but it actually works. You know what else I love about this cafe, they are actually selling bags of coffee (beans, capsules, ground, decaf, simple origin and hot chocolate) which gives back to our community. More on this in my next post, so please watch my space and help them spread the news.

The staff is super friendly and accommodating! Customer service on point!  They’re always ready to help you when you need something. Water? Sure! Tissue? Sure! They’ll give what you need in an instant with big smiles on their faces! Clap, clap!   Thank you for making our morning wonderful! It was really a great coffee experience in your cafe and it was so nice talking to you.

Helping our community one sip of coffee at a time.

Grab yourself the most delicious roasted coffee and enjoy every sip whilst supporting communities and helping to keep the world a better place.

For more information: Please visit their website: Generosity Coffee

Cafe: Generosity Coffee
Location: 55 Hinemoa St. Birkenhead, Auckland

Mo – Fr 7.30am – 4pm  |   Sat 8am – 4pm  |   Sun 8.30am – 3.30pm



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