NZ Easter Egg Hunt

This is a very fun activity to do with kids this Easter during lockdown! Let’s help our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to create a NZ Easter Egg Hunt for all the children in our neighbourhood.

PM Jacinda Ardern has been asked by Kiwis, whether the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny are an essential service. As we all know, New Zealand has been in Alert 4 Restriction – meaning people need to stay at home. Schools and universities are closed, as well as non-essential businesses. Only essential services such as health services, public transport, and supermarkets are considered essentials.

According to PM Jacinda, “I have good news, they are! But because we’re all in isolation at the moment, the Easter Bunny might not make it to every house this year (they probably have to look after their own Bunny family too).”   Draw and colour your own Easter egg, or colour the poster below. Decorate it and pop it in your window for other kids to find. In this way, Kiwi kids can still enjoy NZ Easter egg hunt during the lockdown. 

You can also email them to or share them on social media using the hashtag #NZEggHunt. She’ll pick some and post them on her Facebook page.
Here’s where you can download the poster to print at home: NZ Easter Egg Hunt Poster
Happy NZ Easter Egg Hunt!!!

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