Covid19 is Scary, But Please Don’t Panic

Covid19? I know it’s scary, but please don’t panic.  

Here in New Zealand, we have 552 confirmed cases of Coronavirus as to date.   1 person died in her 70’s, from the West Coast. She was initially diagnosed with influenza, and tested positive with the Coronavirus and died.     This is saddening… Devastating news to all New Zealanders.    As someone who has anxiety, I worry about what this Coronovirus will do to us, as a nation.

I worry about my family here, but I’m extremely worried about my family back home (Philippines), especially my parents who are both 65 years old. At their age and living by themselves, I wonder who’s going to support them and look after them during the lockdown. To be honest, I’m grateful that I live in New Zealand, I believe in the government and I know it will take care of its people during this pandemic.   I’m also thankful that my husband can work from home and can still continue to pay our bills at this time of crisis. I, on the other hand, is still seeking employment and I don’t think this is the right time to look for one. I know with faith and trust with our God Almighty, this one will pass.   My kids were taught at school on how to protect themselves from being infected by Coronavirus. They were told to always wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. I always get them involved with current events regardless of their age. I don’t want my kids to be naïve with things that are happening around us. I just see to it that I explain Covid19 to them, the way they would understand. I even showed them the statistics and how the virus can spread very fast. My son (5) was inquisitive and asked why China has more infected people than New Zealand. Of course, I explained that the Coronavirus started in China, and so statistically there are more cases in China compared to other countries.    Every night, before going to sleep, my kids and I pray for those people who are sick that they may get well very soon and to protect other people from the virus. Prayer is a very powerful tool, and I believe if more people will pray, the faster we can get this over with.

Some were panic buying because of the scare it brings, I know, I’m scared too, but please don’t. Please shop normally. People who bulk buy depletes the stocks and leaves our shelves empty. But it doesn’t mean we ran out of stock. Let’s just give the staff enough time to restock their shelves. We are not going to run out of food.

Have you seen the video of people who were fighting over toilet paper? It was from 9 News Australia. That’s just ridiculous! We don’t need to do those crazy things. Not in New Zealand. Not anywhere in the world. Let’s be kind. Please also think about our elderly and those people who live week by week.  As New Zealand hits Alert 4 – Total Lockdown because of the Coronavirus, we ask you to stay at home and be safe. As a community, I know we will survive this.  

We are strong.  We’ve got this. Together, let’s unite against Covid19.

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