My First Photo Book from Chatbooks (My Own Thoughts)


So much of my life is actually recorded in photos on my phone, but then what happens to those photos? Probably, some of you are like me who likes to post photos on Instagram. Apart from Facebook, it’s the fastest growing social media network at the moment, and chances are, you have an IG account and has been using it to share the highlights of your daily life. I had my first photo book from Chatbooks yesterday and I love every bit of it. I’m shooked that it’s so easy to use and very affordable too! I regret not starting it early.


Our Experience:
One of the things I’m anxious about is losing photos and videos of my family. Do you feel me? It was the hardest to accept when all your precious photos are gone just like that. I literally burst in tears and screamed like I’ve lost my past! It really hurts so much! Photos are one of the important things in my life because believe it or not, being a Mom is tough as it is… remembering everything from the past gets harder every day especially that I’m getting older. My brain can’t store any more information and so I need a back up. Photos are there to remind me of the moments my family had in the past. I bet you feel the same way too, right?
I’ve always wanted to print all the photos we’ve taken since then but it gets harder to pick good photos from all the millions of photos we took. Having more photos is harder to organize, right? Chatbooks makes it so much easier for me and I’m excited that I’ve started already!
Since I became a Mom (15 years ago), I’ve taken a lot of photos of my family because I fear of not remembering our past. I’ve already lost baby photos of my second daughter and also our travel to Philippines, Hong Kong and Macau. That is so traumatic for me and I’ve learned my lesson from that experience. I’ve saved them in a hard drive thinking all our memories will be safe there. I guess I was wrong. Thanks to Chatbooks (NOTE: This isn’t a sponsored post, just something I’ve been loving and wanted to share), printing photos in a book makes my life convenient and safer.
Photo Credit: Chatbooks
How does it work?
1. You can to create your Chatbooks account by logging in your informations needed.
Once you’ve logged in, you can start making your photo book. First, you click on “make a book now”. Chatbooks give you the options; Photo Book and Photo Book Series from the photos you have on your device, Facebook or Instagram.
After you’ve selected your source, you will be directed to the “create book” page. This is when you give a title to your book.
Now it’s time to add your photos on the same page. Remember that you can add up to 366 pages in your custom book. Creating Ongoing Photo Book Series lets you have a new book every 60 photos posted. You can review and edit each book before printing. You can choose how often Chatbooks will send the books to you. The best thing about it is that, shipping is FREE.
When you’re done choosing the book type, naming the book and adding your photos, you can now proceed to checkout. If you have not logged in yet at this time, Chatbooks will ask you to log in before you can continue. Once logged in, you need to give your address and your account details. There would be an extra charge if you want to get your photo book fast.
Congratulations! You’re done!!!
 Favorite Features:
·     You have options to print the date, location and caption on every page.
·      You can select the photos you want to include in your book.
·      You can make a Photo Book Series, one volume can hold up to 60 photos. So whenever you have reached 60 photos to fill a new volume, Chatbooks lets you know and ask you if you want to send it right over.
·      The book only costs $10 USD each volume.
·      Shipping is FREE.
·      You can get any book in either softcover or upgrade to hardcover.
Get yours now!
Check out Chatbooks website and if you want to have your free book now (value up to $10), you can use the code MAMAKATENZ when you create your Photo Book.
I hope this helps you to get your photos on your table and feel good and secured about documenting your every day life!
This code will expire on January 27, 2019! So hurry, get yours now!

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