Part 2 of Our Road Trip – Day 1 3D Trick Art Gallery


We are off an amazing 3- day (July 10-12, 2018} tour in Rotorua. This is the second place we’ve been to for our 1st day.

Our Experience…
Going to 3D Trick Art Gallery is one of the places we wanted to go to, but we never planned to go there for Day 1. Since it was raining heavily, we thought it’s better to visit the gallery today. We’ve been to Rotorua several times and there are plenty of tourist spots in the neighbourhood, but we never really noticed that this gallery existed. We’re all so thrilled to see what’s inside. We’ve seen some photos on social media, but of course we want to experience it ourselves.
Before we came here, we were at Hamilton Gardens to appreciate nature. We also had coffee at the Cafe while waiting for the rain to stop.
3D Trick Art Gallery is the first in New Zealand and themed by New Zealand. By saying this, expect to see Kiwi, All Blacks and NZ Grand Nature.
At the counter, we paid Family Pass of $86, but if you book it online this will go down to $69. What an awesome saving! BOOK NOW. It was quite a wait because there were lots of people who came when we were there. The reception’s quite small and has no ample space to wait.
It was awkward at first, even after the brief orientation, we still didn’t know where and when to start… and most of all, we were to shy to act and pose by the 3D walls. I guess, we need to work on our acting/modelling skills.
After quite some time, we got the hang of it and oh boy, my kids turned from timid to wild. They blew me with ideas on how to pose on this certain wall, and how to take photos of them. We took a long time on some of our favourite spots because we were trying to figure out how to take great photos on it. The staff was helpful in giving tips in comes to angles and such.
We took lots of photos and my storage was full. We surely had a great time here. Money well spent! The smiles, the laughter and the total experience in 3D Trick Art Gallery is remarkable and would remain in my heart and memory forever.
Over 50 pieces of life-size and hyper-realistic murals inspired by New Zealand Nature and lifestyle.
It stimulates your creativity, imagination and acting skills.
It’s located in the Heritage Farm, 14 – hectare farm site with various tourist attractions.
No need for booking, visit anytime.
Our Favourites…
NZ Themed Walls – Maori with a ladle, Haka, NZ nature (bird’s nest), Kiwi, and etc.
Space Themed – Since my family loves everything about space, it became one of our favourite walls.
Waterfall – Make sure to take photo of this awesome 3D Trick waterfall. Ask for assistance in taking your photo.
Things you should know…
  • Make sure you bring all your cameras, good quality phones and GoPro. Check for storage capacity. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up with zero storage. (I’m exaggerating, but you’ll never know. It happened to me.)
  • Use the marks on the floor. They’re very helpful in taking good 3D photos.
  • Ask for assistance. If you want to take family photos, don’t hesitant to ask the staff to take photos of you. They’re friendly.
  • Come along with your happy smiles and pose for the camera like no one’s watching.
  • Best to visit this indoor gallery when you’re concern about the bad weather. (Please consider New Zealand weather –it’s unpredictable).
Contact Details…
3D Trick Art Gallery is located in:
171 Fairy Springs Road,
New Zealand
Contact Number: +64 (0) 7 349 0920

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