Laing (Dried Taro Leaves with Coconut)

Here is another great Filipino dish called “Laing” that is composed of dried Taro leaves and coconut milk. It is originally from the province of Bicol. I’m hoping that this dish will get an international credit in the future. Laing is a popular dish in the Philippines mainly served during lunch or dinner with steamed… Continue reading Laing (Dried Taro Leaves with Coconut)


My First Photo Book from Chatbooks (My Own Thoughts)

  So much of my life is actually recorded in photos on my phone, but then what happens to those photos? Probably, some of you are like me who likes to post photos on Instagram. Apart from Facebook, it’s the fastest growing social media network at the moment, and chances are, you have an IG… Continue reading My First Photo Book from Chatbooks (My Own Thoughts)