10 Things to do to Make you Feel Better in a Depressing Day

Alone Time is Depressing… Do you agree? I came up with 10 Things to do to Make you Feel Better in a Depressing Day. Read along…

I’ve been dreaming about this day to come… no husband… no kids… just me… alone… at home. But my first day of being alone, didn’t go as planned. I thought I would be dancing around like a kid would. I expected happiness, freedom and peace! I was wrong… I am alone, yes! But I am unhappy. I was teary-eyed in a bus going back home. I can’t control my tears… I was thinking of my husband, my kids and my life in general. I felt sad… I miss my kids!!!

I remember I wrote some things to do when this day comes, but believe it or not, the very first things on my list is to clean the house, organize documents, and sort out stuff. I know it sounds weird, I should be enjoying a cup of coffee in the best café nearby or sweating at the gym to shed off what I ate last night, but for me, before I can start to be functional, I have to organize things around me. I can’t work in a messy surrounding. I was taught to be tidy and organized so my brain could work. Second category on my list would be the things I do for myself (Yes, finally!).

Things I would like to do or accomplish when all my kids are at school:

Enroll at a Defensive Driving Lesson
Have my Full Drivers Test
Blog more content (A Slice of Kate and Mama Kate)
Read books at home
Visit the Library and have a quiet time with books
Do DIY Projects
Apply for a Part Time job (Online)
Café hopping and reviewing
Write an Ebook/Book
Workout – Strength Training
Look after myself – (hair, eyebrows, skin, teeth and make up)
Shopping for myself
Enroll for ABA course (3 Years)
Learn other skills
Be sociable.

It would be lovely if I could accomplish all these things since I’m alone now and would be able to concentrate without the whining and whinging. At least now, my time is not consumed of cleaning the house, cooking and yelling! From this day on, I can be a functional adult doing things I love.

While I’m blogging this, my background music is Jung Kook of BTS singing English cover songs. It makes me feel calm and his voice is heavenly. Bless you Jung Kook!

Anyway, to be honest, I’m just pretending I’m “working” aka blogging so I would not feel incompetent and worthless. Usually, if my day consists of just cleaning the house, cooking and looking after our kids, I really feel like “trash”. One way that makes me feel good about being a “Stay at Home Mom” are those inspiring Moms on Instagram! They’re great! They are someone I could relate to and make me feel sane in a way because all Moms feel the same way. Thank you Moms of Instagram! Keep rocking!

10 Things to do to Make you Feel Better in a Depressing Day:

1. Make yourself a good breakfast with a very nice coffee in a special mug.
2. Listen to a happy music.
3. Blog yourself out. Let others know what you feel. It’s a great outlet.
4. Dance away.
5. Sing your heart out.
6. Scream if it makes you feel good. (Scream Therapy is proven helpful).
7. Try out old dresses that you haven’t worn in a long time.
8. Put on make up. Fix your hair. Let it down. Spray a nice perfume.
9. Call a friend that you haven’t talked to for years.
10. Talk to your Mom. She’ll always make you feel better.

Do you have any tips on how to make my day not as depressing as today? Please comment down below and I would definitely try your suggestions. Thank you in advance and I hope my 10 Things to do to make you feel better in a depressing day works for you too.

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