10 Recommended TV Shows for Kids on Netflix

The following are 10 Recommended TV Shows for Kids on Netflix that are not just fun but also educational.
As much as I want my house to be screen free, I couldn’t help it. There are times in a day that I need my kids to be quiet and still for a moment. This is a much-needed time to keep myself sane. I also use this time to do household chores, read and blog.
As parents, we all know that we can’t do this without the help of relatives, friends or a babysitter, so we tend to lean on our ever-reliable tool…
Thank you

In Netflix, my kids are able to watch Kids friendly TV shows unlike in other media where there are videos that are not meant for kids (even if should be meant for kids). In Netflix, my husband and I created an account for all of our kids so they can only watch videos that are appropriate for them.

I have a teenager and she has a freedom to watch what she wants but as parents, we also like to see what they’re watching and guide them from there. My daughter is a very responsible child who would skip the “yucky” bits when she encountered them. She also has a good taste when it comes to TV Series and Movies. She mostly likes Sci-Fi movies, Superhero movies, Crime and Romantic Comedy, and she watches Korean Drama with me sometimes too.

My two younger kids watch similar genres but my first daughter is growing up and getting interested with other TV Shows and movies now. My youngest watches educational videos and cartoons for kids. Some of his favorites are Backyardigans, Octonauts, Pocoyo and Treehouse Detectives and others though these TV shows don’t promote violence and that’s why we like them.

Yes, I’m shamelessly letting my kids watch TV every day.

However, I am very choosy when it comes to TV shows or movies that they can watch on Netflix and I monitor them while they do so. I know how sensitive kids are especially when they’re younger as they copy what they see, so I make sure I only let them watch the best things.

In that note, I personally picked 10 Educational TV Shows for kids on Netflix – shows that will teach them pre-academics skills, moral lessons, and good vocabularies and languages – all to be found on instant streaming or some on Amazon.

I prefer my kids to watch on the big TV screen rather than on their ipads or laptops. All my kids know how to connect to our Google Chromecast to spend some downtime watching TV while I do my chores.

Let me show you 10 of the educational TV shows for kids on Netflix that my own kids love to watch that shows education, good values, inspiration and appropriate life skills.

1. The Magic School Bus Rides Again

To be honest, I wasn’t able to watch this show before. I have no idea that this is an oldie show but sorry for my stupidity… I haven’t seen any of the episodes until now. I read the books with my kids and students before and that’s that.

I don’t mind sitting with my kids when they’re watching The Magic School Bus. I love how it teaches Science and it’s humorous too! I like the vocabularies they used on the show as well. All my kids are glued when this show is on – and me too! It’s very informative, funny and very engaging!

2. Ask the Story Bots

We’ve first seen The Story Bots in Youtube and we liked their Planets and Space Episodes. Ask the Storybots is an educational series for kids. It is fun to watch that I enjoyed with my toddler.  In the beginning, there would be a “big question” that the storybots need to find and discover the answers. It goes with music videos, fun songs, letter rhyming and field trips to various places.

3. VeggieTales

First time I’ve seen VeggieTales is way back 2002 in a Christian school. It was a in a DVD format. Now, the series are in Netflix and it makes it very convenient for the audience. I liked it since then because it teaches about God and good values. The characters in VeggieTales are of course vegetables. It also has fun songs that you can learn with your kids.

4. Mister Maker

Mister Maker is for the arts and crafts enthusiasts with a mix of live action, graphics and animation that makes the show appealing to the kids. My daughter loved to watch Mister Maker when she was 3 years old and still loves to make arts and crafts until now.

5. Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club gives Classic nursery rhymes a fresh twist in this high-energy children’s program. The kids will learn language as they dance and sing along with the members of the club.

6. Sesame Street

Everybody knows Sesame Street. This TV show has been entertaining and educating kids since 1969. The show is incorporated with alphabets, numbers and good morals to teach our kids while maintaining fun and entertaining songs and story plot.

7. Wild Kratts

This is a cool concept of zoologists named Martin and Chris Kratt who morphed their live forms into their animated selves. They have creature power suits that make the show super cool. This show will teach the kids about animals.

8. Justin Time

This show is about Justin’s dreams wherein he and his imaginary friends Olive and Squidgy travel around the world. In their travel, they would learn about nature and other culture.

9. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an animated show for preschoolers. This show is based on young Daniel Tiger’s adventures.

10. Word Party

Word Party is an educational show with four adorable, baby animals that wears diapers and eager to learn new things. Aside from building vocabulary, Word Party also teaches friendship, emotional awareness and getting along with others.

These shows can be my kids’ favorite now but could change as time passes by.

What is your child’s favorite TV Show to watch at the moment? What do you think about it?

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