Bubble Milk Tea in Momotea

Cold Watermelon Bubble Milk Tea with Popping Balls $6.50

It was a cold lazy Sunday (May 6, 2018), we didn’t have plans today but my husband insisted to go out.

There were no events this weekend. Nothing really interesting. So we decided to go to a certain cafe in Milford. We were all dressed up nicely today as we planned to take good photos. We entered the cafe with all smiles as we were so excited to eat this trendy dessert. The lady gave us the menu. We were looking for what to order and slowly settling into the place. Suddenly, one of the staff came up to our table and inform us that they ran out of the egg waffle dessert – their popular dessert. We were so disappointed as that’s what we planned to order and that’s the only reason why we came to the cafe. We looked at each other’s eyes and decided to leave.

Now, we didn’t have plan B. We used Zomato App to look for other cafes that were still open. In New Zealand, some shops close early, especially on the weekends. This is the reason why we need to look at Zomato app to see cafes/restaurants’ opening hours, menu and ratings.

Since we’re desperate for desserts and we’re running out of options, we thought of going to MomoTea in Albany. It’s been 3 years since we last went there. We love their bubble milk tea especially the Taro and Rock Melon with pearls, popping balls and nata de coco.

At last, we arrived at Momotea Albany, we ordered 3 Bubble Milk Teas (Chocolate, Watermelon and Rose Tea). Pearls are not available any more so we settled for popping balls, and Red Beans Shaved Ice. We also ordered Crispy Chicken Bites and Crispy Fried Tofu.

Cold Chocolate Bubble Milk Tea with Popping Balls $6.50
Momo Red Bean Shaved Ice $8.00
Salt and Crunchy Chicken Pieces (with soft bones inside) $9.50
 and Deep Fried Tofu $6.50
Cold Rose Tea Bubble Milk Tea with Popping Balls $6.50 (not in the photo)

Originally the cold bubble milk tea is just $5.50 but if you want to add any extra pearls with it, that’s $1 each addition. Extras such as coconut jelly, nata, mango pudding, egg pudding, wheat germ, herb jelly, popping balls, red bean and cream.

My son enjoyed his chocolate milk tea and started to squeeze the popping ball as he discovered that it’s popping inside his mouth. K2 was brave to try other flavours but found her watermelon milk tea very sweet. The rose tea milk tea was enjoyed by K1, she found the flavour really interesting.

The finger foods we ordered were really nice. My husband didn’t enjoy the ligaments in the crispy chicken bites as he can’t chew it properly. We loved the crispy fried tofu on the other hand. It was super crispy outside and soft inside. It was served with BBQ sauce.

Momotea was established at Auckland, New Zealand in 2001, serving the full range of South-East Asian food by skilled kitchen team and Malaysian chefs.

Momotea is located in Unit 1 & 2, 329 Albany Highway, Albany, Auckland
Shop opens: Sun to Thu 11am – 12am, Fri/Sat 11am – 1 am

Please check Momotea’s website for their menu and other locations.

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