STEM PROJECT: Simple LEGO Zip Line – Homemade Zip Line for Kids

LEGO is the best toy for STEM based activities! For today’s STEM project, my daughter K2 made a simple LEGO zip line.  
Things We Need:
LEGO (affiliate links included)

Before she started to build the project, she made a draft of the zip line and she labeled them. It’s very important to make a draft, before building. All engineers, scientists, mathematicians, etc. make drafts before they proceed on their projects. Her draft looked good and I know she can make it on her own.
K2’s original idea was to build a parachute made out of cupcake liners for a LEGO guy to sit in as it zipped down the line.  I didn’t intervene on her idea but I asked her if the cupcake liners are the best material to use for the parachute. It’s a definite “yes.” This is a great opportunity to test out her building skills.
She did everything by herself. She started building the base and the towers that will hold the zip line. She also added an operator and a security guard on the left side. On the other side, she put a person who is in charge of the tickets and will assist the LEGO guy to come up on the zip line (She added stairs for the LEGO guy to use). She also made a LEGO catcher (has wheels) which catches the LEGO if it falls. It was beyond my expectation! I’m really proud of her creation!

When everything was done, she tried to make the parachute out of cupcake liners but failed several times. She has finally decided not to use cupcake liners any more as it got ripped all the time. She came up with a solution! So instead of a parachute, she used the LEGO handcuffs as a bar for the LEGO guy to hold on to go down on a zip line. What a clever idea! She used the concept of a Flying Fox that she loves to play with in our playground! Although the LEGO guy didn’t really move, there was no angle of the slope, no gravity and there was a friction. I think next time K2 will think about the function of her project too and make her project work really well – gravity and all. 
My daughter was really proud of herself until it was dinner. She was asked to tidy up her LEGO because we need to eat our dinner. That’s the sad truth about building with LEGO! You have to break them after hours of thinking and building them.
Until next time!

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