So Many Antenatal Appointments… Too Tired of it!

When I learned I was pregnant, I have to go to so many antenatal appointments and I’m too tired of it!

April 18, 2018 when we decided to happily announce to our friends and family that we’re once again pregnant. That same day, I started to feel something is wrong! Very, very wrong!

The night before the day of the announcement, I was blogging! I’m having second thoughts if I should announce that I’m having another baby or not. I asked myself, would it be too early? I asked my husband for a second opinion and he said proudly, “Yes! You can tell the world!” From that point on, I blogged myself out! Here’s our story on When I Found Out I was Pregnant Again!

It was a very busy day that 18th of April 2018, a lot of things happened! K2 had a playdate with her friend Abby that morning! I, on the other hand had lots of appointments, from 2:30pm until 4pm, I was at the Antenatal Clinic with my husband DB. First we saw a Diabetic Midwife, had a urine test and checked my blood sugar log book. Karen (one of the Diabetic Midwife) thought I should be starting to take insulin as early as now as my pre breakfast blood sugar is quite high, same goes with my after lunch and dinner.

Next, I went to see a Dietician. She explained what I should be eating while pregnant and what to avoid for the sake of the baby. The baby needs proper nutrition but I need to limit my intake and select food that are only good for me and the baby. On my plate I should have 1/2 vegetables (non starchy), 1/4 carbs, 1/4 proteins. My protein should not be bigger and thicker than my palm (not including the fingers). I’m allowed to eat 2 proteins a day. The following are the amount of carbs per serving I’m allowed to eat.

Breakfast: 2-3 serving of carbs
Snacks: 1-2 serving of carbs
Lunch: 3 serving of carbs
Snacks: 1 serving of carbs
Dinner: 3 serving of carbs
Snacks: 1 serving of carbs

I’m strictly on a diet with a minimum 30 mins of exercise every day. This is not something I’m not happy about but I know it’s doable and if it’s for my baby’s sake, I will do anything!

Then, I got a refresher course on how to use the pen for the insulin shot. She’s a very nice midwife! I love her enthusiasm and her cheerfulness. That’s what we need as a patient! She’s a little bit of sunshine to our saddening health problems.

After that, I went to see the not so accommodating Obstetrics Specialist! She’s one scary doctor, I’m sorry for saying that! The way she looked at me and how her eyes get bigger every time she talks makes me feel like the little pig from The Three Little Pigs Story. She’s the wolf of course! Well, to be honest, she didn’t say anything to me. The conversation went like this: Who’s your midwife? What medications are you taking? Is this going to be your last baby? Do you want to be ligated? You don’t need to give me an answer now, think about it and let me know as soon as possible and we’ll arrange that. Okay, bye see you! In a very monotonous tone and it just feels nonsense going to her. It felt like she’s not happy to see me and that she wanted to finish meeting with me hurriedly. She diagnosed me as Type 2 Diabetes! For G sakes, did she even look at my records? It clearly says there that I’m in borderline… not yet categorized as Type 2. Oh the horror, when she told me I’m Type 2! I can’t even think about it! When we were done, I realized why she’s not interested in talking to me… She had someone who come over to see her, she looks like her friend. So I guess, a quick appointment with me will do.

Anyway, lastly a Physician. As always, it took forever waiting to see the Physician. I clearly remembered how we waited for him the last time too. After many more minutes of waiting and worrying about picking K2 from her friend’s house, he called my name, at last! Hurray! Same questions different specialist! I had enough for the day. Finally, he gave me prescriptions for my insulin which I will be injecting myself with 3 times a day. One before lunch, before dinner and before going to bed.

We went to pick up K2 before heading home. We weren’t able to get the insulins that I need but I let it slide as DB needs to go to work as soon as we went home. I felt so sad about letting him go as he didn’t have enough sleep to go to work for a 12 hour night shift. I appreciate him being beside me during these trials in our lives. DB has always been supportive, caring, patient and loving to me since the start! No wonder I love him dearly.

That night, I had a horrible sight… brown spots!!! I’m spotting…

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