When I Found Out I was Pregnant… AGAIN!

When I Found Out I was Pregnant… AGAIN!

Yes, you read that title right! I’m pregnant AGAIN!

My husband DB and I agreed on one thing for our family and that is to have 4 to 5 children. Having a child or how many children you want to have in your family is something that needs to be talked about seriously and agreed on as a couple. To be honest, we want to have twins since the start of our marriage, no matter what gender as long as their healthy twins, we will be over the moon! Read along to know if we’re having twins this time!

Technically, I was pregnant 4 times already…. And this is my fifth. I had 1 miscarriage before my first daughter. Next, I have another girl. Then the much awaited baby boy, and then this! Hooray! I remember I was so happy when we learned that we’re having a baby boy. It is so special to me, as my parents didn’t have a son. We’re all girls in the family! My husband’s side is more on boys. He has 2 more brothers and 1 sister. From that, I know we have chances to have a boy.

Everyone thought that K3 would be my last baby as I was blessed with a baby boy already. Don’t get me wrong, my dream came true and I couldn’t ask for more, but I keep telling them that he’s not my “bunso” or the last baby yet. I would like to have another child please, really! Most of them were shocked, but some of them were supportive! Yay, for those who’s happy for me to have more children!

I found out that I was pregnant on a lovely Wednesday 28th of March 2018 at around 12:28pm. I haven’t had my period for March and I was 1 week late. I also feel pregnant: I feel cramps, I was bloated, my front hair started to curl, my back is full of itchy rashes (which I felt when I had K1), and I was tired and sleepy all the time. I also craved for Korean food (and those signs are enough for me to think that I’m pregnant).

That day, after my husband drove my kids to school, he went home with First Response home pregnancy 3 Test kit. It’s Australia’s No. 1 brand. It can detect as early as 6 days before missed period. First Response home pregnancy test is 99% accurate from the day before expected period. It is also easy to read and results are ready after 3 minutes. The best thing about it is that, it can be used anytime of the day. Just hold the test in the urine stream for 5 seconds and see the results after 3 minutes. 1 pink line indicates NOT PREGNANT, 2 pink lines indicate PREGNANT. What do you know? I had 2 pink lines and that literally means I’m PREGNANT!!! Yes, I’m pregnant and I can’t believe it! Do you know the feeling when you’re wanting to have a baby and expecting to miss a period every month, but when the pregnancy test indicated 2 pink lines, you were initially excited but then you suddenly felt a gush of confusion, worry and panic? Yes, that’s how I felt too!

I was thinking of creative ways to tell my husband about it but I  can’t wait to let him know so as soon as I checked my pregnancy test, I came out of the bathroom like nothing happened, and instead of running towards him and say “Yay, we’re pregnant!” excitedly, I shyly smiled and said, “It’s positive!” We hugged and suddenly he asked me in a jokingly worried tone “How are we going to tell you’re Mom?” We both laughed.

My husband and I have been talking about having another baby this year. I told him that I’m not getting any younger. I insisted that if I don’t get pregnant before my 40th birthday, I don’t like to get pregnant anymore. I set my limitations so I won’t have a hard time in the future. It would be harder for me to rear a child inside me because I don’t feel healthy anymore and I have health issues too such as hypertension, gestational diabetes, arthritis and anxiety. I feel weak every single day and even if my brain and heart tell me that I like to have more babies, my body is crying for help! Mind over matter as others would say! I get that, but really… I’m not getting any younger! This has to be the last! I promise!

What did I feel when I found out? I feel so excited of course, just like my other pregnancies! There’s excitement, happiness, fulfilment and other emotions too but they slowly subsided when I realized argh, I get Diabetes when I’m pregnant and I have hypertension too! What am I going to do? I got scared a bit and just thinking of needles to be pricked onto my fingertips 4 times a day plus the insulin injection for treatment, I think I can’t do it again! But as a Mom, I know I can and I will!

The next day, my husband booked in for a GP check up to make sure I’m really pregnant and to clarify if my current medicine is safe for my baby. No doubt about it, it was confirmed  by a urine test that I’m having another baby. The GP gave me folate and iodine and changed Nifedipine (my medicine for hypertension) to Methyldopa. Methyldopa Prodopa is the same medicine I took before getting pregnant with K3 and while I was pregnant with him. The GP also referred me to have an early ultrasound and asked to wait for 1 week before booking. He also asked me to do blood test in the Lab Test in Glenfield on the same day. So we had it done too.

We also booked K3 for a check up as he had rashes on his feet climbing up to his legs since the other day. Today, there’s more on his arms, hands and mouth. We discovered he had a Foot, Hand and Mouth Disease. More on my next post about this disease, it’s cause, symptoms, and what we did for K3 to make this rashes go.

My kids were happy to know that they’re having another sibling! They also wanted to have twins… We all do! I’m a happy Mama as I’ve never had problems with my children when it comes to their relationship with their siblings. They love and respect each other! One day, my son proudly told everyone that he’s a big brother now! As a 3 years old boy, he already understands that there’s a tiny baby in Mama’s tummy. He randomly kisses my tummy and talks to the baby too during the day! Same as with my K2 who is more excited than me! She always ask me how big the baby is and what can he do now or what parts of the body is developing already. I told her to ask me every Sunday as it hits a week older and bigger. K1 is more concerned about my health! She knows what to expect already so she’s not very curious anymore unlike my other 2 younger children. I love them all! I know this tiny creature inside me is in good hands. My “bunso” has 3 older siblings to look up to.

On 3rd of April, 2018, a nurse from White Cross phoned me and said that my blood tests came out fine but my blood sugar is higher than normal. I found out that I was prediabetic. Everyone panicked!

So the next day, I had another visit to our GP, Dr. Al Beer, she looked at all of my medical records and history and congratulated me for being pregnant. She started to refer me to physician, obstetrics specialist and diabetic midwife and told me to find a midwife as soon as possible.

We were looking for a midwife online for 2 days and we ended up with Effie R, our former midwife. We decided to have her again as she knows my history and we already knew her. I don’t like the feeling of getting to know a midwife again as I have trouble in adjusting and trusting people. April 6, when I texted Effie R. and asked if she could take us in her busy schedule. She’s happily took us in and we’re relieved.

We had our early ultrasound in 12th of April 2018 at 3:37 pm in Horizon Northcote, and we thank God for a healthy baby. He’s in the right position. Everything is in the right order. He’s a week late than expected but we’re happy to know he has a heartbeat and growing just fine. K3 saw the baby moving at the monitor and he’s so thrilled. DB is proud and very happy, I could tell by the tone of his voice while he’s talking to K3. We can’t wait to see him! Here’s his very first photo… I know it’s kind of blurry, but it’s fine! It’s a photo to keep!

April 13, 2018, I went to North Shore Hospital with K3 for my diabetic midwife appointment. We were too early there so K3 and I had breakfast first. I had soy mocha and decided not to eat yet so I could get a good blood sugar reading. I met Di at 9:30 am and as soon as she saw me, she recognized me from 4 years ago. I was so delighted to know that she has a good memory of me. We talked about my sugar levels and refreshed me about the blood sugar monitor apparatus and explained to me what to eat and not to eat. We did my first reading, and oh my gosh! My blood sugar level is 8.3 (my normal reading is less than 6.5). She immediately asked me what I ate for breakfast and said I only had soy mocha! Di told me that soy has lots of sugar and the mocha contributed to the spike too. Oh my, I could never have soy mocha until my baby is born. On the other hand, I was so proud as a Mom because my 3 years old son was patiently waiting for me and never fussed about anything. I’m a good Mom, I told myself!!! I raised my children well! Pat on the back, Mama!

So basically, I have to monitor my blood sugar 4 times a day; pre breakfast, 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Monitoring blood sugar means pricking the tip of my finger 4 times. After 2 days, Di and I saw a pattern, my pre breakfast reading is not looking good. We think I’m having an early treatment and that means insulin injection being injected anywhere around my tummy by myself. Oh no! Not again! I’m also on a diet! More vegetables, less carbs and no sugars!

It was a long walk to the bus station going home. K3 and I were very tired. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’m not driving anymore and I never want to drive again. If you want to know the reason, you can read my post about my anxiety here… just click this —> My post Traumatic Stress Disorder Story. So every time my husband’s at work, I take the bus with K3 to get by.

Today, April 18, 2018 we decided to announce that we’re pregnant with our fourth! We thought it’s going to be fourth and fifth, but no! God knows what’s best for my family and I believe in God’s plan. So, we’re happy to announce that there’s one single baby in my womb and I’m 7 weeks and 3 days today! The important thing is his health and development.

What was your memory of when you found out you were pregnant? Leave in the comments below. I want to hear your story because every story is special.

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