National Geographic Extreme Volcanoes

Do you know that a volcano can blast without warning and cause mass destruction? Do you want to know how do these violent forces of nature work? Let’s find out by travelling to some of the biggest and most dangerous volcanoes that exist shown in the book included in this kit. But that’s not all. How about examining three volcanic rocks up close? You’ll even build your own erupting volcano model!!! This is recommended for kids ages 5 and up. How fun could that be?

My little boy who’s very fond of volcanoes since he was 1 year old, had fun playing with this extreme volcanoes kit by National Geographic Kids and Scholastic. It includes National Geographic Level 2 Reader Book which has cool facts about volcanoes and how these violent forces of nature work, a volcano model that the kids can build on their own and 3 volcanic rocks; obsidian, pink granite and tuff.

We’ve done this baking soda and vinegar experiment several times and it never fails to amaze my son every time. K3 asked for a magnifying glass as he wants to look at the rocks carefully. In one of the photos it was shown how close the rock was to his eyes – no worries, I immediately put it away. We’re also happy we can add them to our rock collection.

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