St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2018

It was St. Patrick’s Day yesterday and the best way to celebrate it is to see the highlight of the St. Patrick’s programme. The Huge Green Group St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 12pm-1pm at Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand.

There were huge variety of Irish costumes, floats, bands, faerie folk, Leprechauns, Clydesdale horses and even St Patrick himself! We even saw the cutest dog wearing St. Patrick’s costume as well! Everyone was happy and cheerful!!! What a great parade it was!

The parade began at midday, we were there 20 minutes before the start of the  parade. We had the nicest spot by the gutter until a lady asked us if she could park on where my kids were sitting. Oh well, of course she can!!! They began parading from the corner of Ponsonby Terrace and Ponsonby Rd and headed towards Western Park. We didn’t go to the Western Park anymore as we were parked away from it and also my kids were starving already.

But after the parade, the Irish Music and Dance Festival was held at Western Park. There was a full programme of Irish music acts curated by Sean Kelly. There were also traditional Irish dancing, food stalls and children’s activities for everyone to enjoy. The Irish Music and Dance Festival was from 11am until 6pm. What a fun-filled day it was! Until next year!!!

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