Yummy Korean BBQ Restaurant


I have a confession to make… I’ve been in a Korean Drama marathon since I watched The Weightlifting Fairy and straight after that is Goblin! Oh my God! Goblin is something we’ve been obsessed about for weeks. My husband’s into it too! We watched the Tagalog dubbed version so it’s way easy for us to understand and we could do other things rather than just looking at the subtitles.

Watching Korean Drama makes me crave for Korean food. Literally, every time! I was craving Korean BBQ since February but I opted for noodle soup today as the weather is super cold and it’s also raining. Have you noticed that in every KDrama, they always show characters eating delicious dishes such as noodle soup, kimchi, pies and tarts, cakes, etc. Oh my!!!! The way they slurp into the noodle soup and indulge in desserts… Who wouldn’t crave for it?

We ordered:


Mixed Spicy Noodle Soup (Jjamppong) – $14.00



and Kimchi Rice (Kimchi Bokkeumbap) $14.00

with side dishes; Fish Cakes (Eomuk), Seaweed (Miyeok Muchim), Mung Bean Sprouts (Sukju Namul), and Yellow Picked Radish (Danmuji). Oh mah Gosh, it’s so good!!!

FOOD is great!!! I’ve never tasted such soup that tastes the way it was in my bowl.
AMBIENCE is fine. It’s not the best but it’s still a good place to eat when you want Korean food.
SERVICE is good. I think the staff are the owners of the place. They’re cheerful and accommodating! I love it when the man was naming each food he’s placing on our table. OVERALL RATING of Yummy Korean BBQ Restaurant is 3 out of 5 hearts.

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