iSushi and Yakitori

I adore Mums who pack lunches for their family weekend day out. It’s something that I want to do but never been successful. I’m torn between saving money by packing adobo and rice for my hungry kids and trying out different restaurants across Auckland. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s the happiness I get every time we eat out. It’s one of the things we do that I feel togetherness, I feel more relax because I’m not responsible in preparing and cooking the meals, and I feel simple joy in trying out different cafes and restaurants.

I’ve been craving for Korean BBQ for weeks but we ended up in a Japanese sushi place called iSushi and Yakitori in Wynward Quarter. For the big bellies, we had 3 bento boxes;

Terriyaki Salmon
Crispy Prawns
and Chicken Katsu.

For the little bellies, they had Kids Meals;

Chicken Katsu with Rice
and Chicken and Chips.

My son wasn’t in the mood for chips so he ended up eating wheelies cookies instead. Don’t worry, no food has gone to waste. We ate them all!!!

The ambience is quite good as it was near the dock, love the fresh air coming from its direction. The outside looks like a traditional sushi takeaway restaurant but love its simplicity and cleanliness. The food is good. I just thought the katsu sauce was the main ingredient for every meal. It’s overpowering in my opinion. The spring rolls taste like the frozen King Fisher spring rolls I buy from PaknSave. The slaw is a bit sour for me. The service is excellent. The staff is cheerful and we’re thankful for the lady who offered to take photos of us. The toilet which I always forget to check made me think not to include in my future reviews. 

I Sushi and Yakitori

39-47 Jellicoe Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland CBD, Auckland

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion ONLY.

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