I am Kate

I created this blog as my escape from the world that I’m into – MOTHERHOOD. As a mom of 3 (praying for 1 or 2 more, believe it or not), I’ve been in Sturm und Drang, (a German word literally means “storm and drive”) ride, a turbulent emotion or stress. Sometimes, this ride gets too overwhelming and so I need a time to “get away” or I’ll be insane. I know a lot of moms can relate to this kind of ride and that’s why you’re here. In this blog, I would share with you my own journey to motherhood and hopefully, my posts will be helpful to you.

This blog is divided into 6 Categories. I know it’s quite a lot. I’m sorry, I just figured I have so many things I want to share.

Recipes is another main category. My family loves to eat. This is one of the so many ways we bond as a family. We enjoy cooking international and local food and try new recipes from time to time. So I’ll be posting breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, Family Meals, Kids Approved and Filipino Recipes here. Personally, I love Baking – it has been my stress reliever since 2010. In this category, you can expect Low Carb and Keto as well and of course, some feast food I like to make during Holidays.

Parenting – Do you ever have a job when you had no previous experience, no training, you couldn’t quit, and people’s lives were at stake? That’s PARENTING. Babies don’t come with instructions. We all learn as we go. Each day, we try different ways to become good parents. We all have our failures and successes.

Motherhood is learning our strengths you didn’t know had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know to exist.  We all ask this question “Am I a good Mom?” when we feel like we did something wrong. We feel guilty when we scold our children. We’re proud when they do great. Parenting is a crazy job we have to do every day, no leave allowed, 24/7.

The true facts about parenting when you Stay at Home the whole day with your children. The mean and unfair story of being a Mom. When you’re feeling stuck of doing something for your kids that you don’t like doing such as changing diapers, picking up the mess, waking up in the middle of the night, and the likes… you just do it anyway… out of love… because you’re the Mom. Don’t feel sad, we’ll get through this. We’ll figure this out together.

If you need tips and ideas on how to become better in your job as parents, then stick with me and I’ll try to help you along the way.

We like to go to Family Events around New Zealand, especially if it’s for free. If my husband is on-off during special events, we’re definitely there! Our annual events we like to go to are the Royal Easter Show, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Parnell Rose Show, Farmers Santa Parade and much more.

Kids – I’m a Stay at Home Mom at the moment and with 3 children in different age group, I need to be creative and flexible. Some of the activities we love to do are DIY projects, Baking Kids, and fun Activities for Kids including STEM/STEAM. 2 weeks of School Holidays for Term 1-3 and 2 months after Term 4 is quite challenging so I plan family activities at home, we go to Family Events and visit different playgrounds and theme parks to make the kids occupied. This is also where I write about what my kids are experiencing their health – Sick Kids. Lately, they’re not visiting GP and I’m thankful that they’re all healthy and well.

I was a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism and Related Disorders for 2 decades. Through this blog, I would be able to share my knowledge and extend my support to families who need help in parenting their children and managing their children’s behaviours.

To be honest, I haven’t opened up about my son’s condition. We have accepted the fact that he has a Sensorineural Hearing Loss, but never really wanting to talk about it. So I guess, this is the perfect time to connect with people who has a child who has hearing loss too. I hope we can learn from each other.

Blogs – In this category, I will be writing about stuff that I think will be helpful to parents out there. Here, I will also write about my family’s way of living; the things that my family and I usually do. It’s about our interests, tastes, habits, and culture. Basically, it’s my family’s mode of living. Our life is not as interesting as the Kardashians. We’re not a wealthy family but we’re happy, as long as we’re together. I’ll also be featuring my favourite Blog from other bloggers. It could also be a video/clip of an interesting fact, helpful tutorials and reviews that I think may interest Moms like me. I would be posting funny memes or quotes in this category because every Mom needs to have a laugh. The featured post would be on Mondays.

I do Product Reviews and I only review and endorse products that my family really use. Few items are educational toys, books, beauty and home products. Some posts may include Amazon affiliate and Sponsored Posts or paid post.

My family fancy eating out whenever we can (financially wise), and every time we go to Cafes and Restaurants, we see to it that we talk about how good the food was, how friendly the staff was and how good the ambience was. Those are the three things we look for when we eat out.

Have you been binge-watching on Netflix? Don’t judge me. I love watching Korean Dramas and of course trending movies. My latest favourite is Crash Landing on You – CLOY starring Hyun Bin. Watching movies every Friday night is my family’s tradition – Friday night is a Movie night! It’s complete with popcorn, chips, chocolates and fizzy drink. Who said we don’t like junk?

Lately, I’ve been thinking to write about Covid19 and how we can survive it as parents. We’re part of this history now and that’s one fact that we can’t escape, but surely we can do something to protect our family, our country and the whole world. Let’s talk about this strange event that’s been happening around us. Stay at home and be safe!

Personally Kate – In this category, you would know more about me. I write about my Weight Loss Journey. I was on a Keto Diet and I have never felt so good until now. I’m currently in a more vegetable, less carb and no sugar diet (advised by my dietician) to lower my blood sugar levels as I was diagnosed with Prediabetes. I’m also managing my hypertension with medication – Methyldopa.

I also believe that having Anxiety and Depression is something that I should not be embarrassed about. In fact, this is something that we should talk about. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and it’s changing me as a Mom and as a person dramatically. So if you are struggling to be a parent because of your Anxiety Disorder, this is the right blog for you. Let’s talk about it and support each other. The greatest gift you can give to your family is a healthy you. I’m talking about physically and mentally. Nobody wants to get sick. In this category, I write about health, fitness and wellness that all parents can relate.

Random Thoughts is when I’m doing the three W’s: Wandering, Wondering and Wishing!!! 

Travel – either short or long trips we love to discover beautiful places in New Zealand and hopefully around the world. So far, we’ve been to the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Macau. I envy my husband as he has been to more countries like Alaska, Canada, USA, Malaysia and Singapore when he was still a bachelor. In the future, we wish to see to South Korea, Japan, Maldives, and go on a European Tour which includes Rome, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. In God’s grace, we’ll visit those places very soon

Soooo, who’s Kate?

I am Kate – a loving mother of 3 adorable kids and a wife of the most awesome husband in the world.

Currently, I’m a stay at home Mom and a mommy blogger.

As a child, I imagined myself having a perfect family with a loving husband and cute, smart kids to take care of. That’s the kind of life I dreamed of. My life now isn’t that perfect but I’m loving every loop, twists, turn, and curves I’m in. After all, there’s no such thing as perfect!

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional writer, not a chef, nor a professional parenting doctor. I am just a Mom who loves to write my own experiences and the knowledge I learned from the day I became a parent. My advice, tips and ideas may not be good for everyone so please seek help from professional doctors if you feel you need to.

My family personally use all the products I reviewed and endorsed.

“More coffee please, I’ve got kids to raise!”

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