Frankie’s Argentinian BBQ

Today, we had a great time having breakfast, lunch and dinner – all in one meal at Frankie’s Argentinian BBQ. It’s not that we have pancakes and cereals, burgers and fries, and pasta and salad all in one sitting. It’s just that we had a very busy morning and so we didn’t have time to have breakfast. It took us the whole day to do our itinerary. Unfortunately, we didn’t find what we’re looking for. We didn’t have lunch until 4pm and so we think it’s not just a very late breakfast and lunch but also an early dinner too.

Originally, DB wanted something Indian, K1 wanted something Asian (Chinese, Filipino or Korean), K2 wanted pizza and fries, K3 wanted lollipop haha! Meanwhile, I just wanted to have a cup of coffee! So, you see… it’s really hard to decide where to dine as we’re not all in the same boat when it comes to our cravings.

It took us a few turns and arguments before we finally decided where to eat and we’re so glad we dined in Frankie’s Argentinian BBQ. The ambience is so cool, every corner is instagrammable. We love their decors around their restaurant. The staff is nice and the food is good!

This is what we ordered:



Carne and Pollo Empanada – $13.


Bacon and Cheese Chips – $12.


Calamares – $17.
Pastron Pizza – $17.
Bife de Chorizo – $28.


A total of $87.

We didn’t get desserts this time but we really wanted to have Panqueque de Dulce de Leche ($15.) and Flan Mixto ($13.).

All I can say is that my homemade empanadas are still the best hahaha! It’s really nice to try other empanadas and I must say, nothing beats my recipe so far. Our favourite is the Pastron Pizza and the Bife de Chorizo which K2 really likes surprisingly. The bacon and cheese chips are not what we expected but still, K2 finds it delicious as she loves anything with cheese. DB and I were talking about it and agreed that the cheese is dry and we think that’s our least favourite. The waiting time is just a bit longer than usual or maybe we’re just too famished and a little bit impatient. The lady gave my kids some colouring sheets to colour to keep them busy, so that’s all good. The owners came and gave us a cheerful gesture (That’s really nice!).

Come and try Frankie’s Argentinian BBQ in Shop 6 62-78 Hurtsmere Road Takapuna, Auckland!

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