Miann Britomart

It was an amazing experience at Miann Britomart located at Ground, Arthur Nathan Building 36 – 38 Galway Street, Britomart, Auckland 1010. It’s alongside Tiffany and Co. and Chanel which focused on desserts. They serve Petit Gateaux, Macaron, Chocolates and Gelato as well as Coffee and 8 different Hot Chocolates. This is the perfect place to treat yourself on a special occasion or simply indulge with the sweetness and deliciousness of each artistic dessert.
I’ve told my HubbyBhe about Miann 6 months ago and asked if we could go here on my birthday. But something came up and we’re all busy so it didn’t happen. But I didn’t stop there, I asked again if we could go on my first daughter’s birthday in August, unluckily still didn’t happen. I’m very persistent and really wanted to try their desserts as I always see their beautiful creations on Instagram. So, I tried again in our Anniversary this month, but it didn’t happen, unfortunately. Yet, today… there’s no special occasion… It just happened that we’re just in the vicinity and saw Miann standing right in front of us. Oh well, at first, we didn’t go there right there and then, we walked around a few meters away first and turn around and back again to Arthur Nathan Building where Miann was located. I didn’t know why we did that, I was confused myself as well. It crossed my mind that, this time it has to happen. So as we were walking towards the building, we were so amazed because their location is alongside Tiffany and Co. and Chanel… WOW!!! I haven’t been to those shops before. I never tempted to get in as I know I won’t be able to afford to buy anything haha! Getting back to Miann, there are no more excuses not to go, as we were already inside. YES! Finally!!!
I felt like I was in heaven. I was so amazed in every creation they made there… especially their Christmas specials; Christmas tree, Christmas Bauble, Santa’s Hat, Snowman, and more.


My younger kids had gelato; Rocky Road, Chocolate Gelato, Marshmallow, macaron cookie Crunch and Gianduia, Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline, Caramel. My eldest daughter and I had Black Forest, Cherry, Kirsch, Kalapaia Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea, Passion Fruit. My husband had a Mochaccino. And oh my, it was incredible. A must-go place if you want a delicious and beautiful dessert. Staff is cheerful and accommodating. The ambience is superb. The lighting is awesome. The dessert is amazing! We’ll definitely go back here to try other flavours. Rating is 5/5.
“I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert.”
happy eating,

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