Geode Amethyst Birthday Cake

I can’t believe my second daughter is already 8 years old. Where did the time go? Please tell me as she was just my baby girl years past but now she’s turning into a little pretty lady.

This year, she asked me not to have a birthday party with her friends. She told me that she already had awesome birthday parties and so this year she just wants to have a day out with family and to have a simple family dinner.

To be honest, our plan didn’t happen. We were supposed to spend a day in Crystal Mountain because K2 wants crystals, gems and rocks (all my children are). We didn’t go as Dad needs to have a good sleep from a night shift work. But we did see to it that we had a nice family dinner. I cooked spaghetti, fried chicken and of course the cake.

Of course, what is a birthday without a birthday cake… In the past, Klarion had the most special birthday cakes…

1st Birthday – Care Bears Cake (not made by me)
2nd Birthday – Dora the Explorer Cake (This is when I started making my children’s birthday cakes)
3rd Birthday – Little Mermaid (Under the Sea) Cake
4th Birthday – My Little Pony Cake
5th Birthday – Disney Frozen Elsa Cake
6th Birthday – Shopkins Cake
7th Birthday – Flamingo Rose Swirl Cake

I would soon update this blog to post each photos of the cakes. I have to dig in our photo albums (digital) which I don’t know where to find haha! 🙂

My kids love the rock candy I put in there as the crystals!!! It’s grape flavored candy!!! It smells so nice too!

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