I’m Kate, a food blogger and a cake enthusiast from New Zealand.

Food is a great part of my childhood and for me it symbolizes celebration of life, happiness and togetherness.

Baking is equals to yoga. It’s my therapy for healing my soul from all the stress and anxiety that life throws at me. I make delicious and gorgeous cakes as a hobby and also for a living occasionally.

I also love to cook different recipes from around the world and creating my own version of it. I was born in the Philippines hence, I cook mostly Filipino dishes but experimenting in the kitchen is my adventure so you can expect a lot of various dishes across the globe.

Obviously, I love to eat too! My family and I usually eat out and try food from cafes and restaurants. I write about the food and our overall dining experience.

COMING SOONG: You can watch my cooking and baking videos.

In the future, I’m aspiring to have my own baking line and cookbook. So, please watch out for it!

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you can find what you’re looking for.

Have a sweet life,

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