Cafe Mimosa – Vegan

It was my second week of my 30-day vegan challenge and I’m pretty proud of myself. I feel very light, vibrant and happy. I have never felt this way for a long time now. I always feel heavy, cranky and lazy every time I finish my meal. I always think that maybe I ate too much rice as I don’t want to stand up after eating with a heavy headache. So every after a meal, I take paracetamol and my methyldopa (for blood pressure).

I am so happy that I have entered this kind of lifestyle. I just feel disappointed as there’s not enough restaurants and shops for a vegan that I know of. I keep searching the internet but it’s not giving me enough lists, especially in our area.

One day, after my Hubby-bhe and I, sent children to school, we roamed around the mall. After shopping, we decided to eat in a vegan restaurant near the mall. Thanks to Google, we finally found a place to go to whenever we crave for something healthy to eat. We went to Cafe Mimosa in Takapuna.

As a vegan newbie and as a FAT vegan, I was a bit shy to get inside of the cafe and feel ashamed that most of the customers were thin and fit. Noticeable, they were glowing and I can feel their vibrance and lightness. I just thought at that very moment that I will look and feel that way very soon haha!

My husband ordered Crispy Tofu in Terriyaki Peanut Sauce with Miso Soup. It was amazing! My Hubby-bhe loved it and was satisfied with his meal. I ordered Protein Bowl. Oh my gosh, it was so filling, I could hardly finish the bowl. We also ordered vegan coffee with coconut sugar. Our brunch was amazing. It was expensive yet it was a great experience. It was even better as I had lunch with my one true love.

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