Degree GastroBar

We went to Auckland Central City today to celebrate Easter Sunday. My kids had fun on the rides which cost $1.20 per ticket, and kiddie games cost $4.00 per game. But we didn’t stay there long as the sun began to strike hard and I was also getting restless of all the people coming here and there. I must be getting old as stimuli can cause me a headache that easily now. I’m very sensitive nowadays.

Another cause of my being grumpy was my rumbling tummy. I was so hungry that I don’t want to go to Auckland Seafood Market any more, which by the way is the place we decided to eat lunch. I missed their Seafood platter, and I was craving for it for 2 days now. We should be eating in that place but that didn’t happen as I can’t take any steps no more.

Anyway, so we ended up eating in Degree Gastrobar. It was our second time there. Hubby and I took long to decide which to order.  I guess I was too hungry and desperate to eat, I could eat anything on the menu, but because my hubby’s more careful in choosing, I let him decide. I just told him I like the Linguine Pasta (but take note, we didn’t order it haha).

From their Summer Menu, we ended up ordering the following:

Classic Margherita
(roma tomato / mozzarella / fresh basil)
Degree Burger
(prime beef cake / Swiss cheese /
caramelised onions / aioli / tomato relish / fries)
BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs
(roasted peanuts / chipotle sauce /
wedges / slaw / sour cream)


The food we ordered was great.
The BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs is exceptional. I love how it was marinated and cooked to perfection. The presentation is wow! It was placed on a long, big slab of smooth wood that comes with a bowl of slaw and wedges, and chipotle sauce and sour cream. I love the way the wedges were cooked although I think that the slaw is bland.
The Degree Burger is huge. I love the name “degree” on top of the bun… I think it is brilliant! I cut the burger into four portions as it was enormous for one person to eat. The burger patty is juicy and oh so good. I love it to bits.
The Classic Margherita was the first one to be on our table and it was gone in a flash. My Lil girl loves pizza, and she ate 3 out of 8 slices. She unbelievably loves it! If you look at the picture of the pizza, it looks very simple. Indeed, it only has three ingredients: Roma Tomato, Mozarella, and Fresh Basil, and that’s it, but hey don’t judge the book by its cover. That simple pizza made our day so delightful. We really enjoyed it. The pizza dough is thin and crusty. The amount of mozzarella is good too.
We didn’t buy any drinks, although if you want to have one on your table, you could order for their wine of the month: Oyster Bay.
The service is awesome. As I’ve told you awhile ago, we didn’t know what to get and it took us a long time to decide until one staff came to us and asked if we want to order for something already so that it will get done, then we could order the rest later. That was a good idea to have something ongoing while we’re still choosing the rest from their Summer menu. The staff is great except for one person who was on the counter. I feel like she’s the owner of the resto, but personally, I think there’s something in her that makes me feel unwelcome. I don’t know if it was just me, but I could definitely feel the stress in her. Perhaps, she just had a bad day.
The value of our money is worth it. We spent $18.90 for the Classic Margherita, $19.70 for the Degree Burger, and $29.90 for the BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs. A total of $68.50. Good pay for a wonderful Easter Sunday lunch. We get off our table with a heavy-loaded tummy. It was really hard to stand up and walk literally haha!
There was a duo playing the guitars and singing cool Sunday Acoustic songs which I, my husband and kids enjoyed. My big girl knows some of the songs they played and she sang along with them. They’re great!
When we were there the first time, I was so stunned by how it looks from the inside. The colours, the lights, the ambience were superb, but not any more. I reckon that the colour red painting on the walls before is better. They have repainted it to green and that doesn’t look very nice. It looks cheap. My big girl said that they might have tied up with Heneiken which would explain the colour of their walls now, but I wasn’t so sure about that so I just leave it as is.
The only thing I don’t like the most about the place today is the heat from the inside of the resto. We chose to stay inside the bar as I know there would be smokers outside. But damn, the temperature inside the bar is unacceptable. It is way too hot! We’re like eating inside their dirty kitchen.
My big girl and I liked the toilet. It doesn’t look like a toilet at all. It was too girlish. We love the design and the walls are too cute! Coolness!
Overall, we enjoyed our Easter Sunday lunch in Degree Gastrobar, I should say. We had an enormous amount of food which all tasted delish, cool music in the background, affordable menu, and accommodating and fresh-looking staff. Our experience in Degree Gastrobar is very good.
Review Summary: (out of 5, 5 as the highest rate)
Food: Star-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-Small
Service: Star-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-Small
Value: Star-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-Small
Atmosphere: Star-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-Small
Overall Experience: Star-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-SmallStar-Icon-Small


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