Breakfast Oats

If you are on a diet and don’t want the feeling of an empty stomach, you better try eating oats once or twice a day. It’s very filling and surely is a healthy food that you can eat during breakfast or any time of the day.

I love to eat it first thing in the morning with my mug of coffee. It gives me energy until lunch time. Sometimes, I put some raisins on it, even bananas or strawberries but most of the time, I want it plain with a sprinkle of white sugar to sweeten it up a bit.

If you happen to be a dieter like me, try oats that has the lowest calorie per cup. And I’m pretty sure, it will be your best mate throughout your diet life. Not to mention, it is very good for your heart as it lessens your cholesterol level.

Try it now and don’t hesitate!

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