KFC Zinger Meal Combo

I remember how we loved KFC’s Zinger burger back home. It was so yum that you would actually ask for more even if you’re too full. My hubs used to ask me to copy the recipe and I told him that it’s quite difficult to determine what the exact ingredients they put in there.

As it is our favourite and we usually have it at lunch or dinner, I came to a point that I thought that it has a special ingredient in it that I just discovered. I’ve tried to make our own Zinger burger and it was close to the original one. Although, I regret to tell you that I’m not going to reveal that special ingredient here as KFC might sue me for that. But I’m telling you that it was actually “IT” that was in there, well aside from the chilli powder.

Anyway, the Zinger burger that we loved in the Philippines is not as delish as it is here in NZ. I was so disappointed yesterday when I took a bite of the Zinger burger I bought for lunch. My taste buds are not accepting the taste of the burger… My mind is telling me that this doesn’t taste like the Zinger that I know of… This is just an ordinary chicken burger.

I am so upset that I was expecting to have a bite of the burger that I’m craving for and to think that I paid for $22.00 for what? For disappointment and regret?

The burger bun is old by the way and the chicken patty is obviously yesterday’s stock. Please refrain from giving your customers old stock of food. KFC East Tamaki is fortunate that I didn’t encounter stomach pain after I ate it, otherwise, I’ll get back to them and they’re going to be in trouble.

And also, Ms./Mr. Manager, the french fries is soggy.

This is my disappointing KFC Zinger Meal at lunch yesterday.


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