Fried Saba (Plantain Bananas)

We had fried saba (plantain banana) for lunch. Back at home, we usually eat fried saba during afternoon snack (meryenda). But that rule doesn’t stop us from eating it for lunch today.

This plantain banana came from the Philippines so it must be good. It didn’t fail me, it’s really yum. It’s yummier with butter or margarine.

My little girl had her fried banana with scrambled egg which she had cracked and had beaten while my big girl had chicken nuggets with it. I had the fried bananas alone and I had a nice blended rich coffee that makes me feel nice and warm. Then I had a sliced kiwifruit after. Very good for my tummy.

We’re watching Ice Age 4 while we’re eating our lunch on a Sunday afternoon. We’ve seen the movie for several times now and it never gets old.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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