Rio Movie Themed Fondant Cake

Rio Movie Themed Fondant Cake is my very first official cake paid by a customer. It’s an 8-inch round chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing covered with fondant. The coloured fondant is store-bought. I chose to use store-bought fondant because I want this cake to be as colourful as seen in the picture above. 
My customer wanted Rio as it was her son’s current favorite movie. I was so excited to make this for her but I was stressed in a way that I might not be able to make the birds as beautiful as it should be. I asked help from my hubby. We tried it in playdough first. Thanks to my little daughter who lent us her playdough for this project. We thought to put Rio toys instead that comes with your Mcdonald’s happy meal. But unfortunately, we haven’t had any of those. We stopped buying happy meal since my first daughter is not little any more and we haven’t introduce happy meal to our little one or else she’ll ask for it like her big sister did when she was her age. 
So, we can’t think of other ways but to make Macaw birds out of fondant and so we did, I mean my hubby did hehe! He tried to make it as close as to the original Macaw birds; Blue and Jewel and we came up with those birds seen on the picture. 
Rio movie themed fondant cake would be my memorable cake ever as it was my very first project that made my cake more popular and had given me extra cash. 
Happy Birthday Kobi! (August 12, 2012) Thank you MD! 😀

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