Fondant Bra Cake

This is my homemade fondant bra cake that I made for my friend, Ruth. She had her birthday on July 6 but I was able to give her this bra cake on the 9th because of a busy schedule.

This fondant bra cake is made of perfect chocolate cake with buttercream icing and covered with white fondant for the skin and red fondant for the bra. I also used 3 silver edible decor that I put on the center of the bra. This is a simple strapless bra that I made proudly.

I was supposed to do this on my birthday but I just thought of making 2 tier cake for a change because I haven’t tried doing 2 tier.

I’m so glad that Ruth appreciated this fondant bra cake that I made especially for her and oh, in return she gave me a special shirt from edaboc.

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