Hawaiian PizzaDilla

Hawaiian PizzaDilla is easy and fun to make with kids. We used commercially prepared tortilla wrap as our pizza base. Kids love to spread pizza sauce on the tortilla and just “bam” threw all the ingredients on it. And surprisingly, the healthy ingredients were beautifully placed on it. We used sliced ham and pineapples and a lot of tasty cheese. These ingredients just  made sense when I said this recipe is a Hawaiian PizzaDilla hehe. 

Hawaiian PizzaDilla doesn’t need to be baked in the oven. We used a non-stick frying pan for this recipe. Just make sure to put the fire on low, so not to burn your base. Just wait for the cheese to melt and it’s ready to be served to your family or friends as a yummy afternoon snack. You can dash salt and pepper if you want. Hot sauce is another good option, but not recommended for kids. 

Have a pizzadillicious weekend everyone! 🙂

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