Goode Brothers

We had lunch in Goode Brothers at Botany Town Centre, and this cool quote/slogan made sense …
“Goode Beer, Goode Wine, Goode Times!”
These are the foods we ordered:


Puttanesca (Fettucine) $15.50



 Kids Beef Burger $11.00
Ciabatta Bread
Seafood Platter $39.50




Total: $66.00
My personal comment:
Graeme, the person who served us our food wasn’t that friendly. He didn’t even bother to give us menus so we could choose what we want to eat. The glasses that were given to us were not even washed properly. The ciabatta bread was so hard. We didn’t get to finish them all. Hubby didn’t like the olives, roasted capsicums and courgettes that were served in his seafood platter. There was no “WOW” factor in their seafood platter. 😦
The puttanesca was worth it though. All the ingredients to make a puttanesca were there (pasta, tomatoes, olives, capers, onions, and anchovies). I assumed that they made their own pasta which is great, but what I don’t like about it was that, some of them weren’t cooked properly. It’s chewy, and some of them were still stuck to each other.
My daughter didn’t finish her burger because their ciabatta burger bun was so hard. Though the fries/chips were yummy.


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