The Three Little Pigs: Wheat Pig Bread

I baked this wheat pig bread for my daughters. I put them in their lunch boxes and they enjoyed eating them at school.

It’s very easy to do actually. Basically, you just put all the ingredients together and mix them well until it turns into a nice dough. Knead the dough for 5 minutes then leave it for 20 minutes in a bowl, seal with cling wrap for it to rise.

Once risen, you can roll the dough out and start cutting circles. I used the tip part of a glass for the head because I don’t have a circle cookie cutter, and I used bottle cap for the snout. Cut the bottle cap nose dough into four to make the ears. I put peppercorns for the eyes and I made lines for the nostrils but if you have rosemary leaves then that would be awesome too.

I posted this in my Facebook account and a lot of them liked it. They said it’s so cute hehe! Have fun making cute food for your little ones. They’ll surely enjoy eating their morning tea or lunch at school. Their friends will get jealous for sure.

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