Wet your Whistle Cafe

Wet and Whistle Cafe is located in the vicinity of the Waterworks, along 309 Road in the Waiau Valley, Coromandel, New Zealand. It a very large cafe that offers covered outdoor and indoor seating. This summer, they are having pick your own meat and they will it cook it for you – BBQ style.

The local delicacies that they are offering are:

  • A selection of smoked Coromandel seafood
  • Matatoki brie cheese with salad
  • Plain Coromandel mussels or in chowder soup
They also serve paninis, toasted sandwiches, nachos and a lot more. They also have different vegetable salads freshly picked from their garden. They also brewed Coffee Lala beans all day that can be wonderfully partnered with cakes and pastries available every morning and afternoon teas. They also have brunch menu that you want to check out.
It was quarter to 5 in the afternoon when we finally had time to sit in Wet and Whistle Cafe for a cup of coffee and a slice of carrot cake. I love it! They are so good together. The coffee is freshly brewed and tasted heavenly. Kids had ice cream; gooey gumdrops and chocolate.

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