Dragon’s Gourmet Restaurant

Dragon’s Gourmet – a new style canton cuisine is located at 189 Manukau Road, Epsom Auckland.

We had lunch there and these are the foods we ordered:


Hong Kong Cold Tea


Fishball Stuffed with Chinese Mushrooms


Seafood Noodles


Seared Salmon


Seared Raw Beef

Among all the foods we ordered, our most favorite is the Seared Salmon. I personally didn’t like the Fishball with Chinese Mushroom, it tasted like Bopis inside the fishballs and with chili and wasabi. I didn’t enjoy the wasabi taste too. The Seafood Noodles were served chilled. That’s the only food we ate without complaints, oh Sorry, I was wrong for I complained that I hate the taste of coriander, my bad! The Seared Raw Beef had a distinct Chinese taste that I can’t even identify what it was but I wasn’t able to enjoy it either.

Overall, I’m not going back to this restaurant. We tried this one because of the good feedback in a food and restaurant review over Menu Mania but we personally didn’t like it. It was a good experience though.

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