Anti – Aging: Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHA

Are you looking for anti-aging ways to keep you looking younger?

Alpha Hydroxy (Fruit) Acids, or AHAs are naturally occurring compounds which being more forgiving than retinoic acid, which can be sold without prescription. Of more than a dozen different types, the four under closest scientific scrutiny are malic acid which (apples), glycolic acid (sugarcane), pyruvic acid (papaya) and lactic acid (fermented milk)

These fruit acids are available in a wide range of strengths, also expressed as percentages. Used regularly, they will break up the intercellular glue that causes redundant skin cells to stick together. With the cells sloughed off, the pores unclog.

The overall texture is generally finer and brighter too, since the new, smoothed-down skin reflects the light more evenly. AHAs may also boost production of hyaluronic acid, an important naturally occurring humectant, and may in addition promote collagen synthesis.

Users of these anti-aging creams should make sure they don’t undo potential benefits by washing with alkaline soaps, however, and should always apply the cream to bare skin, giving it at least ten minutes to penetrate before adding further products.

Anti-aging Creams featuring AHAs include NeoStrata, M.D. Formulations (doctors and beauticians only), Avon‘s Solution (Anew Perfecting Complex in the United States), Chanel‘s Formule Intensive, Lauder‘s Fruition, La Prarie’s Age Management Serum, Prescriptives’ All You Need.

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