Cosmetic Surgery and Appearance Medicine

We are all aging. It is inevitable that if we grow to be old and one day we will have skin to match. No matter how hard we try to avoid it or try and eliminate it, the aging process constanyly gnaws away at each and every one of us. But it does not have to be looked upon as a curse.

In some cultures, aging is a celebration, an acknowledgment of the years of knowledge and wisdom gained. Age can also bring that wonderful feeling of being happy in your own skin, and acceptance of yourself that allows you to be more open and accepting of life and what it has to offer.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. As a society we have become obsessed with looking young to the extent that having wrinkle-free skin appears to be a sign of success in life. In order to obtain this idealized look, some people will do whatever it takes – from spending thousands of dollars on skincare products to injecting their wrinkles with substances to smooth and tighten the skin, and even paying big money for surgery to stretch and eliminate the lines. 

Consider this quote: a perdurable a day, helps you sleep, work and play.

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