Christmas Dinner 2011: Noche Buena Menu

What’s in our Family’s Christmas Dinner Menu for 2011? Our family is known for a festive Noche Buena menu and even if we were just four in this lonely land, I still want to practice our Christmas tradition that we used to have back home.

Here is our Christmas Menu for 2011. (Just click on the name for recipes)

Embutido or Meat Loaf
Lechon sa Oven
My Special Chicken Macaroni Salad
Leche Flan
Christmas Fruit Cake (I forgot to put the fruits and nuts toppings)

My newly invented recipe: Brazo de Mercedes ala Pie with Strawberries
Christmas Jello or Cathedral Window
And oh! Of course we had Christmas Ham and cold-cuts platter (ham, salami, hotdogs, bacon, etc) but we didn’t have Queso de Bola.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you had a joyous Christmas ever!!!

7 responses to “Christmas Dinner 2011: Noche Buena Menu”

  1. ooh, you made all those?? will be clicking on those recipes…everything looks sooo good!appreciate much your sharing this over at Food Friday, Ms. KateHappy 2012!


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