Nineteen Eighty One Local Eatery and Bar

We ate at Nineteen Eighty One Local Eatery and Bar two days ago. It’s located at 712 Great South Rd. Manukau City, Auckland New Zealand.

The only problem that we had there is the parking. It was really difficult to park for there are only few parking spaces provided for the customers. We were able to park in the shopping mall across the street and it was just inconvenient for us because it was raining that time.
The servers are very friendly and they make sure that you get want you ordered correctly and on time.
We ordered the following food:

Who’s the Boss Pizza (Prosciutto, Milano salami, spicy chorizo, red peppers) $19.00
Chicken and Chips for Kids $12.00
1981 Crispy Cajun Chicken Burger
(Chicken breast marinated in New Orleans spices & herbs, camembert cheese) $18.50


Savannah 28 Day Aged Sirloin (300gm)
w garlic butter, hand-cut chips, garden salad $32.00

Our drinks: Cranberry Juice $5.00, Apple Juice $5.00, and Macs Gold Beer $7.50

Our Total Bill is: $98.00

We decided not to have dessert for we were so full from eating those big meals. We had a lot of fun eating and taking photos in this cozy, beautiful, child friendly restaurant. Smoking area is outside so it is safe for kids.

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