York C202 Cycle

I am trying to lose weight for a couple of months now but I was not successful with my diet. What I need is an exercise machine that will help me burn calories. I’m so glad that my friend Jasmine recommended York C202 cycle. Jasmine has been using York C202 cycle for 6 months now and she is so happy with it. She burned a lot of calories every time she uses it. It is so convenient to use. She just hops into it and pedal around in front of the TV. She enjoys it so much that she can do her two favorite things together, at the same time. How amazing! I’m so determined to do the same and I’m very eager to use the bike every day for 20 to 30 minutes.
York C202 has resistance level that you can adjust if you get used to your current level. This resistance level makes you burn more calories. It has large screen in front that displays your speed, calories, and heartbeat which they find very amusing. You can use the preset programs or customize your own. It is a good fitness machine that worth your money.

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