Time Saving Strategies for Busy Mothers

I was searching for Time Saving Strategies in the net today for I am very stressful these days for all the house chores, kids, husband, budgeting, article writing, and more. Truly, I am a very busy mom. I know you can relate to my situation, that is why you are here. Take a look what I have found. A very funny thing to do things but may work for some. Have a look and enjoy reading.

Time-Saving Strategies for Busy Mothers
By Alison Lee of Mama Wants This
You’re a busy mother, I know. Even just reading this is taking precious time away from the million things you have to do – washing and folding of the never ending laundry, washing of the inevitable pile of dishes in the sink, cleaning of the mess that used to be your living room, endless feeding of small children, showers you really should take before you get crusty.
Yet, here you are.
Not  to worry! As a fellow busy mom, I’ve devised a few time saving strategies that you may employ. Use at your own discretion, individual results may differ.
1. Wear two t-shirts. When the top one gets dirty, just take it off. You don’t have to go rummage for another clean shirt, you’re already wearing it.
2. Put your hair up in a pony tail. Whether it’s gross and smelly or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s nowhere near your nose.
3. Only dress your children when you have to go out. No food stains on clothes, less laundry!
4. Naked children also mean quicker time in getting them into a bath.
5. Lick your plates clean, then reuse for the next meal. That means washing up just once!
6. Don’t clean the kids’ play area until they’re in bed. They’ll just mess it up again during the day, so it’s pointless.
7. Get a dog to clean up crumbs. Saves you vacuuming time!
8. Make a one-pot meal, eat it for 2-3 days in a row, less cooking time!
9. A crock pot will be your best friend. It’s called fast food cooking. Ironically.
10. Accept the fact that your house will never be neat again, or nearly as clean as you like. Accept that you’ll never look as put together as Katie Holmes, but you rock nonetheless. Just enjoy the kids and wish for a cleaning fairy to appear.
You’re welcome.

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