Yoga for Runners

Many runners complain about the difficulty of running in their bodies and once they have learned about yoga and have joined yoga sessions, they get hooked to it. Yoga has shown great effects in participants’ body and mind. It actually reduces stress, and increases fitness levels. The hardest thing to do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle but yoga will help you achieve this. Both active and passive stretching aids to warm up the muscles of the body and avoids injuries that runners complain about. 

Here is a list of some of the benefits that you can get from yoga.
1. Muscle Pliability
2. Proper Body Alignment
3. Controlled Breathing
4. Mindfulness
If you are a runner who complains excessively from running, why don’t you try yoga? It gives you the same exercise that you can get from running but without injuries and stressful body. Yoga helps you to avoid these problems.

1. high blood pressure
2. diabetes
3. high cholesterol or heart disease

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