Halloween Creepy Fingers


This is what I baked for Halloween! Aren’t those fingers creepy? I’m sure you did say eeeeeeeekkkk, eeeeewwww!!! It was funny because I was screaming on top of my lungs when I put these out from the oven. I had a hard time eating them because it looks real and yucky hahaha! But mind you, when I finally got a bite, I didn’t mind the looks of it. It taste so yummy!

10 responses to “Halloween Creepy Fingers”

  1. ooooohhh, i LOVE it!thank you so much for sharing this eerie-looking baked goodie over at Food Friday, Kate!i really do love what you made here! :)enjoy the rest of the week!


  2. yum…looks delicious, am drooling 🙂 chicken finger is one of my family's fave food to eat. Dropping some love for Food Trip Friday, hope that you can visit me back toohttp://www.jessysadventure.com/2011/11/beef-stew-my-families%E2%80%99-favorite-food-to-eat-during-fall.html


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