Organic Formula for Infants

Many Mommies today are becoming aware of the health benefits and importance of breastfeeding which I think is a very good thing and I admire every last one of the Mommies out there who chose to breastfeed their babies. Not all mothers can embrace this gift for some reasons. Some Moms are not able to lactate, busy from work, and others just chose not to. For whatever reasons there may be, we respect them. 
If you have decided to give infant formula to your baby, you have to choose very carefully. There are different types and brands of baby formula including milk with probiotics, prebiotics, and nutrients. One of the most popular baby formulas for parents is the one with soy-protein because they think that it helps the babies with gas, fussiness, or colic problems. Other babies are not tolerable with any standard baby formulas and may need either a hydrolyzed protein formula or an amino acid based formula.  
Have you ever heard about organic infant formula? There are a lot of organic foods in the grocery stores today and milk is no exception.  Most cows are fed with antibiotics to keep them healthy and they are also injected with BGH (Bovine Growth Hormone) to increase their productivity of milk. Organic cows on the other hand are not fed with antibiotics and not injected with hormones. They grow in a natural way and in a natural habitat although these cows are fed with grains so they are not really 100% organic.
It is highly recommended that infants should always be fed with breast milk or baby formula which is made with the necessary nutrients. Although technically, organic formula is safe for babies and it also contains necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This formula is produced without antibiotics, growth hormones, and pesticides.

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